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Nylon PA Monofilament Extrusion Line

Profile information:
Industrial , Filter Fishing Line ,Velcro,Wig,Doll Hair ,Fishingline,Sewingthread, Trimmer Line etc.
basic information

Filter, Velcro, Wig, Fishing line, Sewing thread, Mowing line, Nylon yarn, etc.


  Machine Features

Two Stage drawing and Additional Heat setting
Dedicated nitriding screw, cylinder heating with cast aluminum heating, durable
With high-precision digital pressure automatic control system,
Constant pressure automatic feedback adjustment screw speed.
Electrical part of the intelligent visual operating system,
centralized control and management.


  Technical Data

Nylon PA  Monofilment Extrusion Line
Filter, Velcro, wig, fishing line, sewing thread, mowing line, nylon yarn and so on
For raw materials Nylon PA series
Item / model SYL-N nylon PA various monofilament
Screw diameter mm Ø45~100mm
Spinning die Single or double die
Diameter range mm 0.08-0.15mm,0.15-0.35mm,0.4-4.0mm
Production Output 20~200Kg